Kaş Sarıbelen village, Sarıbelen neighborhood is a neighborhood of Kaş district of Antalya province. It is 201 km from Antalya and 26 km from Kaş.

Sarıbelen are Yörük Turkmens. The village is a Yoruk Turkmen Village. The old name of Sarıbelen Village is called Sidek. Sarıbelen Village - Sarıbelen Mahallesi - Lycian WayThis village is called Sarıbelen because there is very little water. Knowing that the underground waters of this village pass in the form of certain channels (lines), some places dug water wells by drilling and after 2010 they managed to turn it into a productive village with a closed greenhouse.

Kalkan is the subdivision of this village and it is said that Sarıbelen will increase in value by starting to disintegrate from this Kalkan in the following years. This village lies as a flat plain. This plain ends with the next village. The name of this village is known as Hacıoğlan. On the other hand, in Hacıoğlan, it is mentioned that olives have started to be planted gradually, and it is mentioned that these olive fields will increase in the future. Sarıbelen is at most 10 km from the beach and can be reached within 10 minutes by car and this village is an old historical Lycian road, and it is a village very close to these historical places, as there are historical beauties and artifacts on this road. People here go to places where farming is abundant such as Ova, Kınık and Yeşilköy in order to make a living in winter. This farming comes to an end in the summer months and Sarıbelen is a village that is more crowded and cool in the evenings during the summer months.